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DIY Flowers

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As a bride you may have considered doing your wedding flowers yourself. There are a lot of tutorials you can find online from a simple bouquet to some of the more complex installation pieces. Yes, you could do your own wedding flowers and if that is something that sounds fun to you perhaps it is the right direction for you.

However, before you jump into to a DIY wedding with fresh flowers (silk flowers are much easier to work with, but I would argue that you are missing out of being able to experience the beauty of fresh flowers) let me give you a few things to consider.

Where do you plan to get your fresh flowers? There are many online flower companies to order from. Personally I haven't used any of these before so I can't speak to the quality. My main concern with online ordering would be : what are you going to do the week of your wedding if your flowers do not come in or come in with very poor quality? It will be too late to reorder and most flower shops do not carry a full range of wedding flowers they can sell you at a moments notice( honestly this makes me sweat a little just thinking about this).

I have a wholesaler whom I trust and I know that if I have any issues with my flower order she will do whatever she can do on her end to make sure I get what I need for my flowers that week. If you hire a professional and something goes wrong with your flower order you won't be the one who has to worry about it.

Do you know how to process flowers once they arrive? This can be a very time consuming process. Here's what I mean by process. When I receive my flowers from my wholesaler I get them in boxes. They need to be taken out, cut and placed in water to drink for a few hours. Different flowers like to be processed in different ways. Some like to be simply cut and placed in water. Some like to have their entire heads dipped in water before being cut. Some like to be placed in a container that is full to the brim with water and a few with the woody stems like to be slit in a few places for better water consumption. This process can take one hour for a small order, but up to six plus hours for a large order. Do you have time/want to make time for this during your wedding week?

I love the soft, delicate petals on these peach ranunculus and David Austin Juliet Garden Roses

Let's talk about the days leading up to your day. For some brides putting together their florals last minute with their bridesmaids might be a fun activity. Just keep in mind that you will also be really busy. Your friends and family from out of town will all be around, some of whom you probably haven't seen in a long time. This is your time to hang out with your friends and family and enjoy yourself.

Ok, now let's talk about your wedding day. Please, please do not try and throw some bouquets together on the morning of your wedding. Actually, do not try and do anything but have brunch with your bridesmaids, get your hair and makeup done, and relax on the morning of your wedding! I have watched brides try to do everything themselves and they miss the day worrying about things that someone else should be taking care of for them. Your wedding is a big event and with any big event comes lots and lots of small details to worry about. Just make sure that on the day of you are not the one worrying about those details. Let yourself enjoy and fully appreciate the day.
Taken at The Barn at Aspen Acres

Do you feel a bit overwhelmed at even the thought of doing your own wedding flowers? I would love to chat with you about my process and let you know how I can help. I want to wow you with the experience of fresh flowers on your wedding day without you having to worry about any of the details so you can fully experience and enjoy your day. If you are ready to start the process or have more questions for me please fill out my contact form to get started.

A few side notes(random thoughts from me):

  • All of the above photos are taken at The Barn at Aspen Acres when I was waiting to get into the venue to drop off my flowers for a wedding this past fall. What am I doing at 6:30a.m. the morning of your wedding? I'm up and double checking all my lists for your wedding. Possibly loading my car with flowers and heading out to grab coffee on the way to the venue. On the morning of I cannot relax until I know that all of the flowers have been delivered and everything has been set up for the wedding. I really care about each of my clients and understand that this is a really important day for you. I get one chance to give you the full experience of beautiful fresh flowers on your wedding day and I don' take that lightly.

  • This particular morning had that strange lighting from all of the fires that were occurring across the western states. It made for some beautiful photos.

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