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What to Expect

Contact Form: the very first step is to fill out my contact form. This gives me some important information about what you are looking for. The more information you provide the better- I really enjoy reading about you and your story. 

Proposal: I will send you a proposal with photos of the flowers I plan to use, inspiration photos, prices, the whole package. 

Meeting: I will be in touch to set up a meeting to discuss all of your wedding flower details. 

Booking: Once you have looked over your proposal and feel like we would be a good fit I send you my contract to sign and invoice for the deposit. I can't wait to start designing for you!

  • After this meeting, I take all the information and create a customized floral proposal for you. This proposal will contain descriptions of each arrangement with pricing. I love having a document that clearly lays out what I am planning for your wedding flowers and many brides have told me how helpful this document is. Once you are comfortable with the proposal and feel like I understand your overall vision for your wedding flowers, I send over my contract to sign and invoice for your deposit. Then you are officially booked! I try to make each step of this process as clear as possible so you are never waiting to hear from me or wondering what the next step is supposed to be. If you are detail-oriented and enjoy clear timelines then we would make a great fit. I work hard to streamline this process for you so you can relax and enjoy the months leading up to your wedding day and the wedding day itself. 

  • I am always happy to answer any questions at any time. I want you to feel satisfied with your floral designs and your budget. Remember- this is all about you! I am here to start a relationship that will help you rest easy on your wedding day and enjoy your unique designs

​My Process

  • Our first step will be to sit down together and chat about ideas for your wedding flowers. This consultation is free of charge and will be the beginning of our time together. We'll discuss color palettes, flower availability, and your overall vision. Many of the brides I meet with tell me how easy this initial meeting is. If you do not know every floral design detail or cannot list the names of every flower you see in a photo, please do not worry! I can help you with this and often the initial meeting is a starting point that will give you more information so you know what your next steps are. We can figure this out together!


The Day of Your Wedding

  • By now I've already texted you a sneak peek of your bouquet and set up a delivery time. I base my delivery time on when the photographer will start photos and always work to deliver earlier rather than later. 

  • I will arrive at your ceremony site and start unloading all of your arrangements. I check over all the bouquets one last time to make sure nothing was damaged during the ride. Your bouquets will all come in simple glass vases with water that are yours to keep. 

  • After I have checked (and double-checked) that all the personal flowers are where they need to be I start placing the ceremony and reception flowers. The weather often impacts when I will set up the ceremony flowers and I check it often before your wedding day. If I know it will be hot and the arbor flowers will be in the direct sun I often wait until closer to the ceremony to set them up. 

  • At this time I am placing all the reception flowers and working with any decorators or family members to make sure everything is set and ready to go. 

  • I do my best to stay out of your way on the day of the wedding. Of course, I love chatting with you about your bouquets, but I also understand that you have a lot of other things going on. My main goal is to take care of any of the set-up and delivery so you don't even have to think about it. I love seeing everything come together and you get to relax and enjoy the experience of fresh flowers for your wedding day.  


Thinking of a DIY Wedding?

Most brides don't realize that putting together fresh floral arrangements takes hours and hours of work. From properly storing the flowers to ensure the freshest blooms to wiring flowers for your boutonnieres I can take care of all of the details. Trust me to take the stress out of your wedding when it comes to your wedding flowers. 

Indigo Blue Photography

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