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Hello! I'm so glad you are here! I am Julie Esmay- the designer and owner of Becoming Blooms. 

Becoming Moments in My Life

Becoming a Wife

I have stood where you are now. Excited and a little anxious for your big day. Not entirely sure what marriage will look like for the rest of your lives together but excited to start the journey together. Looking back, I now realize that we didn't really understand what it means to lay down your own wants and needs to serve your spouse on a daily basis. I am married to an amazing man who works so hard to care for our family. I am so grateful to be on the journey with him. 


Becoming a Mother

A transformative moment in my life that changed me forever. I have tried to write about this transformation, but there are just so many emotions and feelings that come to mind. Often I experience a wide variety of these emotions on a daily (maybe hourly if I'm being honest) basis! I love my girls so much and I'm so grateful that I get to be their mother. 


Becoming a Christian

My most thankful becoming moment in my life. I am so grateful every day for God's grace in my life. This is also my daily becoming process as God works in my life for His good. 


Photo by Kelsey Spratt Photography




About Me

  • I grew up in the Black Hills and now reside in Spearfish, SD where I am currently raising my family. I was an art education major with an emphasis in painting. I taught art for 5 years before deciding to stay home with my girls. I work from my home and am so excited to be serving my community in this way. 

  • I have recently jumped back into teaching and now teach part-time at Black Hills Christian Academy. I am enjoying the chance to explore my passions for art and floral design even when my schedule gets very busy!   

Things I like/Love: 

  • I need to say more? I always look forward to that first steaming cup

  • The color purple. There are so many stunning color combinations for a wedding or event but purple draws me in every time.

  • Moving on to cats. Yes, I am also a dog person( I would eventually like to get one) but cats will always be near and dear to my heart. 

  • Hygge (pronounced hoo ga). Cozy socks, warm blankets, hot drinks, curling up with a book, and bringing the outdoors in. I was doing ALL of these things and I didn't even realize it had a name! Hygee is about finding pleasure and contentment in the moment and intentionally creating and cultivating a cozy environment that calms you. So I'll be in my fluffy socks, drinking coffee with my cat under my 10 soft blankets reading a good book the next time you contact me. 

  • Reading. Historical fiction is my favorite, but really any good book will do. Reading is my way of unwinding at night or a relaxing activity for me at any time of the day. 

  • Running(slowly). All of my friends who run are much faster than me so I feel like I need to add that fact that I am a very slow runner when I tell people that I run. Maybe I should call myself a slow jogger........that sounds more accurate at this point. Running is my alone time where I can go to clear my head or enjoy the outdoors. 

  • Oil painting. I struggle to find the time and energy to paint during this period of my life but I do try to make a few paintings a year. 

  • Chickens: my previous neighbor and I placed a chicken coup in between our backyards during the Covid lockdowns. Neither of us had any idea how to care for chickens, but after 3 years of being a chicken owner, I will never go back! If you have chickens you will know what I mean. We currently have 3 chickens living their best lives in our backyard and may be on the lookout for some silkie hens. 


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