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Michelle and Hunter | Elkhorn Ridge

Photography: Janelle Rose Photography

Michelle and Hunter were married on a very rainy day here in South Dakota. It rained steadily throughout the day right up until the ceremony. There was finally a break in the downpour, and they were able to hold an outdoor ceremony.

There is something so magical and calming about a rainy, wet day in the summer in South Dakota. It can make your day feel cozy and special. Elkhorn Ridge did not disappoint with these views, and I love how you can see the Black Hills in the background. Michelle and Hunter did not let the rain stop them and took everything in stride as they enjoyed their beautiful day.

The rain was pretty steady when I set up these arbor flowers in the morning and I left fairly wet. Fresh flowers love this type of environment. It was a nice, cool temperature with lots of moisture. Ideal for flowers, if not for your guests! I love the color pallette here with various shades of purples, blues and greens. I also included some lupine from my own garden. They grow abundantly in my front yard in the spring and are such a fun flower to design with.

Michelle's bouquet was created with purples flowers in various shades, white flowers and a pop of blue. I love purple so I really enjoyed these colors together.

Hunter wore a pocket square boutonniere. These are so easy because they slide right into the pocket and there is no pinning. The deep purple ranunculus and scabiosa scoop come in such a beautiful shade of deep purple.

Michelle and Hunter- you had such a cozy, beautiful wedding day. I wish you both all the best and I loved being a part of your day.

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