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Courtney and Dillon | The Farmhouse Barn

Photography: Tifani Lyn

Courtney and Dillon were married on a beautiful, windy day in June (sometimes it feels like every day is a windy day in SD). They make a stunning couple and were very fun to work with.

Courtney's bouquet was created with white, blush, and mauve flowers. I included a variety of flowers to create interest and texture throughout the bouquet while designing with the subtle colors that Courtney requested.

I love a good flat lay and Tifani Lyn Photography creates such artistically designed photos from the elements in place. This is one of my favorites.

I created some whiskey barrel arrangements for the outside ceremony space. Having a whiskey barrel (or something similar) to elevate your flower designs onto is a great way to easily add more value to your floral designs.

I also created two floral designs for the arbor. These may have blown over once, but a very helpful man had sandbags in his truck that we were able to place on the bottom. I have learned that things like this just happen on wedding days and we all pull together to fina a solution. One of the perks of having good venders on your wedding day is that you (as the bride) do not have to worry about these things and can enjoy your time getting ready.

The guest tables were decoracted with a greenery garland and the head table as well. When I create a garland for the head table my favorite type is a lush, full garland with greenery draping over the edge of the table like you can see here. I also naturally cluster the flowers in front of the bride and groom to create a spotlight.

Here are a few more detail shots from the day.

Congratulations Courtney and Dillon! It was an honor to be a part of your day!

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