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3 Things to Know Before Meeting with Your Florist

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Photo by Cora Carrol Photography

Many brides feel unprepared to meet with their wedding florist simply because they haven't had the chance to work with a florist before. A good florist should be there to explain things to you along the way and make you feel comfortable with the process. There are a bunch of different wedding checklists out there and a million Pinterest pages, but those can get overwhelming when it comes down to the actual (real life) planning. Here are three tips that are helpful for you to know when you get ready to start planning your wedding flowers.

Photos by Cora Carrol Photography

Number 1: Know if you like my style of floral design.

What do I mean by this? Each florist has a unique design style. I have a background in fine art (oil painting to be more specific) and the art that I have created in the past influences my floral designs. I especially enjoy hand-tied, natural looking bouquets with lots of texture. How do you know if you like my style? Check out my work. Look on my website, Facebook or Instagram. Do you like what you see? When you view those photos do they make you want to hold that bouquet in your hand for your wedding day? If the answer is yes we will probably be a good fit.

Number 2: You don't need to be a flower expert to start planning for your wedding flowers.

Photos by Kinsey Whidby Photography

If you don't know the names of any flowers at all when you come to our meeting that is ok! I am not expecting you to be a flower expert and be able to list off every flower that you see on your Pinterest board. There are so many different flowers out there that all vary in subtle ways. That's what I'm here for! To be really honest when you trust me to pick your flowers it makes it much easier on me because I can find the flowers that are at their peak during your wedding season. Now, if you have always dreamed about having a Gomphocarpus Physocarpus plant in your bridal bouquet, will I do my best to get it in for you? Of course! Sometimes this will be possible, but sometimes not. I love flowers and love what I do so I am more than happy to put together a beautiful arrangement for you based on your preferences.

Number 3: Flowers are expensive.

Photos by Cora Carroll Photography

Flowers are expensive. They just are. Those Pinterest photos that you've saved? They are all very expensive. Yes, even the photos that claim to be showing very "simple" designs. Now, there is nothing at all wrong with a simple floral design, but just be aware that those garden roses featured in that simple design add up.

To me they are more than worth it for your wedding. To hold that bouquet of fresh flowers on your wedding day is an experience that just can't be replaced.

Putting together fresh flowers is also a lot of work. For example, on wedding week I begin prepping your flowers around 5a.m. on Tuesday morning to start processing. That just means that I'm in my design room getting them out of boxes, stripping leaves, cutting the ends and getting them in fresh buckets of water to start drinking. This alone can take hours. This is only the beginning. I spend A LOT of time prepping, caring for and designing your wedding flowers. I also spend a good deal of time just thinking/worrying about your flowers. "Did I remember all the boutonnieres?" " Did I turn the cooler on?" etc. Why? Because I care. This is your wedding day and I am a part of that day. I don't want anything to go wrong and I want to do my part to make it the best day possible for you. I consider it an honor if you decide to choose me to be your wedding florist and I don't take that responsibility lightly.

Ready to start? Contact me to set up your initial meeting. Contact | BecomingBlooms

Still looking for more information? Go to my Services page to find out my process and steps that I take once you reach out. Services | BecomingBlooms

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